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Sudden downpours often overburden stormwater infrastructure and sewers, which can lead to sewage backing up into your property. Sewer backup is one of the common emergencies that you need to avoid at any cost to prolong the structural integrity of your building. It can cause severe damage to your property due to clogged pipes, blockage in plumbing, or rain or melted snow entering the sewer system. Cold Lake Janitorial offers effective sewer backup services in Cold Lake to make sure that your estate stays free from any mess exposed to it. 


Our team of professionals handles sewer backup by doing the following: 

  • Prevent water escape

  • Provide chemicals to prevent mould and mildew

  • Rent drying equipment 

  • Suck out clogged up water with trucks mounted units

Are you facing any issues with your sewer system? Call us before it’s too late! Improper wastewater discharge can cause an unpleasant mess in your property that can make it hard to clean up later.

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